Saturday, 9 November 2013

Welcome To Our Farm

Welcome to Jasper Creek Farm! Come on in, pull up a chair, and let me put the kettle on.
Jasper Creek Farm is located in beautiful NW Ontario, on the edges of the Canadian Shield, not ideal farming land I know. We started with 160 acres of raw land.

What was once a thriving dairy farm was abandoned,

taken over by scrub brush and beavers,

then irresponsibly clear cut and left a mess.

We bought a cow,

got some chickens, 

built a barn,

and before you ask, yes, it was in that order!
Our family is striving towards becoming as self sufficient as possible. We hope to grow and raise a large portion of our own food. We cook from scratch whenever possible, and are starting to explore many DIY crafts and techniques.
We believe in small scale farming, which is both economically and ecologically responsible. No large scale farming with equipment that costs more than our house here! Providing for ourselves first, and hopefully, down the road, others who share the same vision and desire for home grown, ethically raised food as ours, but lack the space or ability to grow it for themselves.
I hope that you will join me, my husband, and three boys on our homestead as we work together to reach this goal that has been pressed upon our hearts.

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