Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pizza Roll

I am a fly by the seat of your pants type of cook. My cooking style is the reason I love to cook, and hate to bake. Baking is too rigid. Cooking is flexible, I add whatever I want to a dish, and cross my fingers that it works. So far, it has! There are very few recipes for main dishes in this house!

Typically when I do a large batch of dough, I split it into three balls, one for pizza, one for a treat, and one for bread, or some combination of the above. So far, since getting my Bosch mixer I haven’t strayed far from the bread dough recipe I was given with it. Hey, if it works….and well, if I have to follow a recipe it might as well be one that I know works, and tastes good.
The following “recipe” is one of my hmm, I wonder if this will work experiments, which, did! Work that is.
I started offSONY DSCby making the filling. All I knew at this point was that I wanted something that was going to play off pulled pork. The farmer doesn’t eat pork, except for the occasional bacon, so I started with some chicken that we canned when we processed our chickens this summer. Let me tell you this stuff is PHE-NO-MI-NAL. Love it! Makes suppers SO easy. It’s like having instant shredded chicken any time, AND its shelf stable. What’s not to love?  I will be posting a tutorial the next time we process chickens. But for now, back to this recipe.

SONY DSCI put this into a frying pan, along with some, onions, garlic, and some yellow peppers that were getting close to their expiry date.
Yes, it is not your imagination, the pile of garlic is just as big as the other two. That is how we like it around here!
I sautéed these until the onions were just starting to lose their bite.

SONY DSCNext, I rolled out the dough and slathered it with our favourite BBQ sauce, President’s Choice tequila and habanero. Yes, that is a picture of the bottle, and no, I am not being compensated in any way for telling you that we LOVE the stuff. It has a bit of heat, but is not overpowering, with a slightly sweet undertone. Seriously, if you live in Canada and have access to PC brand products, you should try it.

SONY DSCI topped the BBQ sauce with my chicken, onion, garlic, and pepper mixture, then on my half put pineapple, and on the farmer’s half put some sliced banana peppers. At this point I rolled it up like a gigantic cinnamon roll, and tucked the end under to trap all the deliciousness inside. I had planned on putting cheese on it, but I forgot, and in all honesty, it really didn’t need the cheese, it was absolutely delish just the was it was. I baked it at 375F for about 30 minutes. Since the filling was already cooked and hot, all that we were trying to do was bake the bread. I took it out when the bread was starting to brown, and it was perfect.

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